DigiMember® - Support Guidelines

Support channels

Holders of one or more DigiMember® PRO license (s) are entitled to access our email support provided through our ticketing system. Support is provided exclusively via this channel.

We do not offer free telephone, video conferencing, online chat or in-person support services.

Support Hours

Our support team answers support requests, usually within 24-48 hours. Support times are Monday to Friday (excluding German public holidays) from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Support Services

DigiMember® is a WordPress plugin that covers a certain range of functions. This means that DigiMember® is not customized, adapted to customer requirements, and not all personal application areas are covered. Furthermore, DigiMember® is not compatible with all third-party tools. Furthermore, we cannot guarantee that all updates from DigiMember or from the side of a third-party tool will maintain prior compatibility.

We do not provide support for WordPress or other WordPress products or third-party tools that we have not developed. Also, we cannot make any direct recommendations for the use of specific third-party tools or third-party WordPress plugins. We do not offer custom development services for new or changed features related to our products.

We offer support for technical and content-related queries regarding the operation of the DigiMember plugin and assist with troubleshooting. Within this framework, no online marketing advice can be provided with regard to the setup, operation and marketing of own products using DigiMember.

We strive to keep our products up to date and work with the latest version of WordPress. We can not guarantee that our products are compatible with older versions of WordPress. We therefore recommend running DigiMember with at least WordPress version 5.1 (as of January 2021). The PHP version of the website should be at least at 7.1 or younger (as of January 2021). If using outdated versions, an update must first be performed before we can assist as support.

Server Compatibility

We can not guarantee compatibility with all hosting server configurations, nor do we provide support for server-related issues.

To minimize the chance of conflict, we recommend that you choose a hosting provider that complies with the WordPress requirements. Our customers have had positive experiences with this hosting provider.


DigiMember® licensees can not distribute, distribute, or resell their support license key. The license is for the use of the license holder only.

Usage on Customer Web Sites is permitted in cases where the DigiMember® Licensee maintains a continuing relationship with the customer as a consultant or service provider. Only the DigiMember® licensee is authorized to request support or access resources.