Features you´ll love to use!

Individual content placement

In addition to the ability to protect complete pages, you also have the ability to protect individual sections on the respective page or to display only a selected group of people. This allows you a complete individuality and full controls over everything that can be seen on your respective page.

Easily Accept Payments

DigiMember has numerous interfaces to payment providers that allow you to send one payment or recurring payments. In case of payment defaults DigiMember blocks the respective access. In addition to the integrated payment providers, you can also use the generic connection or Zapier.

Sequential activation

You can unlock your protected content sequentially for your members, whether daily, weekly, monthly or individually. In addition, you can decide whether content from the past should be visible or not.

Limited time access

You can limit access for your members and customers. So you can, for example grant product access for only 14 or 30 days (of course shorter or longer). Perfect for gaining trust with your members and turning them into paying customers.

Free SignUp´s

You can offer free registrations. Either directly through DigiMember or via an e-mail marketing provider or e.g. a form tool!

For payments, the registration is of course completely automatic.

Personal adressing

In the members area you can address your members and customers personally with their name. Whether in headlines or in different passages, everything is possible!

A small effort for a big impact!

Shortcodes for everything

You do not need any code in DigiMember! We have prepared shortcodes for everything you need, which you can easily insert at the desired location.

With the shortcode generator you can easily customize and individualize the respective shortcode.

Unlimited products

You can create as many products as you want on your website, no matter if membership products or download products.

Of course you can simply copy your existing products and make only small adjustments!

Unlimited members

There is no limitation of your members! Take as many members as you want, whether free or paid members!

Do not worry about performance, we have users who manage more than 100,000 members with DigiMember!

Exams & certificates

You can have your members do exams or tests, and create a personalized certificate when you achieve a result you specify.

A great feature and a real incentive for your members!

Account management

On the account page you can give your members and customers the possibility to easily change their password, to export their stored data or to delete their account completely independently!

Web PUSH Notifications

Biete Deinen Mitglieder die Möglichkeit an Deine Web-PUSH Benachrichtigungen zu abonnieren.

So kannst Du schnell und einfach News & Angebote an Deine Mitglieder versenden, die sie dann direkt in ihrem Browser angezeigt bekommen.

Du kannst die Benachrichtigungen manuell versenden oder automatisch wenn Dein Mitglied eine Aktion ausgeführt hat.

Action-based marketing

Nothing is better than the right offer at the right time!

Set up actions and determine what happens when a member performs the action (for example, visiting a page for 2 minutes)! Depending on this, your member will receive an email or / and a PUSH notification.

Your design for your members

DigiMember adapts to your design! You can create your content in your usual design, or you are bound to design specifications of DigiMember!

Because your members and customers should also see exactly your design!

Signup & login anywhere

You decide where your website visitors can register or where your members can log in.

Whether in the middle of the page, in a lightbox, in the header of your website or as a widget in the sidebar ... You have the free choice!

Ready for messenger marketing

We've got DigiMember ready for the future "Messenger Marketing"!

So you can, for example with ManyChat and BotBlocks your registration process and the subsequent presentation of your content completely in Facebook Messenger represent!

Perfect to generate new leads!

Download Manager (Vault)

In the Download Manager you can protect your download products. Only your customers will receive the link to the download product!

You can also set how often and in which time window your products should be available for download!

System e-mails & action-based

We have prepared ready-made system e-mails (for example, for sending the access data) that you can customize!

By setting up actions, you can also set emails to be sent after an action has been taken. Of course, you can also customize these emails completely.


You can spare your members and customers logging in with their access data by providing them with easily created links that will redirect to your member area and automatically log in!

WordPress Up to Date

We keep DigiMember up to date with the latest WordPress version!

Once WordPress releases an update it will check if DigiMember is working properly. Should this not be the case, the adjustments will be made within a very short time!


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