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DigiMember is a very functional, easy to use membership solution, which transforms every Word Press page into a complete member area!

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Integrate a payment provider and sell your memberships fully automated!

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...and much more!

Easy to use

DigiMember is an easy to install WordPress plugin! The setup takes only a few minutes and is very simple.

Secure protection of your content

DigiMember protects your pages and articles from unauthorized access! Doesn’t matter if it is a single page or multiple extensive courses.

Unlimited products

Create any number of products or membership levels. You choose freely which of your protected content belongs to which product.

Easy Integration

Whether an already existing one or a complete new WordPress page – with DigiMember you can integrate your already existing and entirely new content within a few easy steps.

Flexible Design

Free or paid content! You decide whether you want to offer your memberships completely for free or paid (combination possible, too).

Payment monitoring

DigiMember checks incoming payments from the payment provider and automatically blocks access if no payment has been made or a rate has not been paid.

Time-controlled activation

Define time intervals with which your member pages are activated for your users e.g., weekly or monthly.

Interfaces to payment providers

Simple and fast integration of payment providers. Fully automated activation of your content after receipt of payment.

E-Mail Marketing Integration

Keep the direct connection to your members and customers! With DigiMember you can automatically add new members to your email marketing software.

Examinations & Certificates

Your members can take exams created by you. Members who passed the exam will get a personalized certificate.

Download Manager (Safe)

Protect your eBooks and other downloadable content with DigiMember! You decide how long and how often your download products (e.g., eBooks) are available to a customer.

Protecting Content Sections

You want to present a part of your content and arouse your visitors curiosity? No problem, with DigiMember you can share individual sections of your pages and protect the rest at the same time.

Temporary accesses

You decide how long your members have access to your products! Whether a few days, several weeks or for unlimited time.

Pay per Post

With DigiMember you have the possibility of offering single articles or pages for your visitors at a specific price.

Premium-Features you'll love ♥️

Personal addressing

With DigiMember, you address your members personally! Welcome new members by name in the member area and address them personally with their names at every point of the text or in headings. Just a small short code in the appropriate places is needed!

Sequential activation (subscription)

Unlock content for your members and customers in specified time intervals! You decide when which page or which post should be activated automatically. You can chose to make it daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or design yourself a completely individual activation plan! 

Protection of download products

Protect your download products! In DigiMember you have a secure download vault at your disposal, with which you can encrypt the URL of your download files, and limit the number or the available duration of your downloads.

Individual page content

Show your members individual page content! For example, you show customers of product "A" an advertisement for product "B" and vice versa! Customers who have purchased product "A" and "B" do not see any advertisement! So, you address your members in a target-oriented manner and block unnecessary advertising for the rest.

Actionsbased Marketing

You can use DigiMember to create so-called actions. You can specify under which conditions which sort of reaction should be triggered. For example you can send your members an e-mail when they logged in or visited a certain page for a certain period of time. This gives you the opportunity to create very targeted and exactly timed offers.

Exams and Certificates

Offer your members the opportunity to take an exam about the content you’ve  shown them before. If they pass your exam you can reward your members with an individual certificate. 

Numerous Payment & E-Mail Marketing Integrations!

...and generic Integrations at well!

What others say about DigiMember

...and this is important to us!

A great plugin with many possibilities. But the best thing is that it is constantly being developed and the support is very reliable. I would buy it again at any time.

Marc Meese

DigiMember is a must, if you want to offer professional online products. It makes your life a lot easier. Many thanks for this!

Nina Stromann

I have created several online courses for business and private users with DigiMember, everything runs smoothly. My favourite plugin! 😉

Sandra Krensel

I am not only enthusiastic about DigiMember as a plugin, because it is easy and intuitive to use, but also about the support, which quickly and competently helps when questions arise. On my side there is an extensive member area, with DigiMember this was easily realizable. Thank you!

Bettina Kalandra

DigiMember Questions & Answers

Does Digimember only work with wordpress?

Yes, DigiMember is a WordPress plugin and can only be used with self-hosted WordPress installations where you have the option to install plugins yourself.

Does DigiMember work with the current WordPress version?

Of course, and you can also count on it to stay that way in the future! We own many member areas with DigiMember and update it immediately when a new WordPress version appears.

Can I also create "Membership Level" with DigiMember?

Yes you can! We call it "Products"! If you want to create different levels you call the respective products e.g., "Bronze, Silver & Gold"!

Which payment providers can I use with DigiMember?

DigiMember has preprogrammed interfaces to DigiStore24, PayPal, AffiliCon, Clickbank, 2CheckOut, Cleverbridge and Stripe.

There is also the possibility to add payment providers generically, but everything is prepared for our part, but requires initial programming knowledge and of course the corresponding provider has to allow a server to server notification.

...or use ZAPIER😉

Which email marketing providers can I connect to DigiMember?

DigiMember has preprogrammed interfaces to ClickTip, aWeber, Mailchimp, CleverReach, GetResponse, MailJet and MaroPost.

There is also the ability to add email marketing services generically, but everything is prepared for our part, but requires initial programming knowledge, and of course, the corresponding provider must, e.g., allow a server to server notification.

...or use ZAPIER😉

Can I unlock content with DigiMember on a scheduled basis?

With DigiMember PRO you have the sequential activation available. So you can time-release the contents of your products to realize a subscription.

You can decide for yourself at what intervals your protected content will be activated for your members (for example: daily, weekly, annually or even individually).

What are the notice periods for the PRO version of DigiMember?

You can always cancel at the end of the booked period of use. Monthly payment monthly, annual payment annually. It is sufficient if the cancellation is received one working day before the next debit.

Can I import my existing members / customers into DigiMember?

Yes, that is easily possible with the import function. You just need a CSV file that you upload. You can even import existing access data, so that your customers do not use new passwords.


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